Make reliable health and wellbeing information more easily accessible - on people's mobile phones

If you work in education, health or social care, you can now give your communities easier access to accredited information with a new range of quality-assured apps.

Many organisations and communities are struggling because of the mental health crisis, long waiting lists for care and the pandemic.

So we've created targeted mobile apps that make it really easy for you to reassure and educate people about their health and offer them much-needed practical advice:

  • provide credible health and wellbeing guidance - instantly accessible 24/7 and offline, in one single place
  • promote safe self-care - enable people to take positive action and reduce avoidable strain on services
  • signpost national and local services - and make people feel cared for and supported

No one wants to risk complaints, missed diagnoses, mental breakdowns - or, at worst, loss of life - because people can't easily find key information.

Why not use credible health information and signposting apps to address your local priorities (such as suicide prevention and better mental health support), reduce the burden on your teams, and stand out as a caring provider.

Simply choose an app solution that fits your needs

Use ready-made, easy-to-use apps to better support groups such as students, people who self-harm, or those with eating disorders. Apps are free to download and use. No sign-up or set-up needed.

Customise apps for your institution or area. Make local information more easily accessible, showcase available services, and raise your profile.

Create new apps with us, using our white-label options. Make bespoke health content more widely available and increase your reach.


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Feel safe with us - and expect quality

Choosing digital support tools can feel overwhelming, and you may worry about their quality, safety and suitability.

Our apps are low-risk - for you and your communities:

  • we're led by a GP with 20+ years of experience in the NHS and UK Higher Education
  • we co-create apps together with users, other health professionals, topic experts and trusted partners
  • we're certified by the Patient Information Forum 'PIF Tick', the UK quality mark for health information
  • our apps are independently reviewed and rated by the Organisation for the Review of Care and Health Apps (ORCHA)
  • we won two national awards - the 2019 British Medical Association 'Patient Information Award' for 'Wellbeing' and the Nursing Times Award 2021 for 'Continence Promotion and Care'

What's more, no annoying ads, no in-app purchases, no collecting or selling of personally identifiable data, and no unethical funding.


"The involvement of experts and professionals in the development of this app [distrACT] is outstanding."

British Medical Association 'Patient Information Award' Committee


"I'm blown away; it's brilliant. Thank you for restoring my faith in human kindness with this non-judgemental app"

User feedback, 'distrACT' app


"Accurate and quality app", "a pleasure to work with", "delivered to time and on budget"

Susie Smith, Primary Care Operations and Project Manager
NHS Cambridgeshire 'Just 1 Norfolk Health Passport' app

We work with a range of trusted organisations

Our clients and partners include:

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